Baxter Wants A Break For Exeter Chiefs

Rob Baxter the head coach of Exeter Chiefs says the players in his team deserve off on their upcoming weekend to celebrate.

The off should be given to them to let them celebrate the achievement they have made so far whether big or small in this season.

Second in the Premiership, the Devon side, stumbled to a bonus-point wins over Sale.

He said, “The team haven’t had an off since the beginning of the season, the very first week of the season. It is not 30 weekends have passed, the team has not got any off.”

Moreover, their 18 league games that the team Baxter have competed in the European Champions Cup (ECC). After winning the matches the team has reached the final of Anglo-Welsh Cup.

“Now, after so much of games, the team needs a bit of time for just enjoying and relaxing. Because, the team has had some good results and all the players by showing great spirit on the ground, but, they have not got the time to celebrate their success up to now.ā€

Getting a weekend will give them the opportunity to celebrate their success of so far, and then move on. The small break will rejuvenate them and they will be more focused.ā€

“If the team will not be prepared to set some higher standards for themselves, then it would be difficult for them to concentrate on upcoming games that are more intense and tough.”

As far as the demand of Baxter is concerned, then it is absolutely correct, the team should be given at least one weekend to celebrate their success and make plans for the future. This will only improve the game of the team. Every team follows this practice of relaxation before heading for some crucial matches.