Exeter in Party Mood

The Exeter Chiefs are in celebration mood and they have every reason to do so.

They did reach the finals of the Premiership and were being compared with Leicester City in their accomplishments. Many even stated that Exeter rugby team is what Leicester City is to football. They might be on the verge of winning the English title. The Premiership finals were held on 28th May where Exeter Chiefs were set to play against Saracens.

Though this game finally saw Saracens winning it was brilliantly executed by Exeter as well. They were able to score about 17 points that were unanswered by Saracens. Though the result of the game was their defeat, the team did play brilliantly. The main takeaway for the Rob Baxter as the first team coach is that they should have held it together at the beginning.

When the game started the Exeter team were probably set back morally as Saracens had widespread popularity among fans across Europe. That was understandable as the team has been able to maintain top position in the continent. The team is known to be superior in their knowhow as well as in their experience. The roles were well played out by them.

However Exeter had some brilliant performances up their sleeves as well. For instance, Jack Nowell who played brilliantly was noted for his performance. The team did lag behind in their accuracy and decision making in the first half of the game which gave their rivals a head start. However the team did pick up pace in the second half and the performance was admirable by them. Many experts did note the performance levels of several Exeter players which showcased the team’s ability to have won the finals as well. Having reached the finals was definitely a one up for the team this year.