Exeter Wins Over Bristol

The win that Exeter had over Bristol Rugby has definitely hoped the team to get their confidence back this season. After suffering two losses beginning of the season, the head coach of Exeter Chiefs, Rob Baxter, has been applauded as the man of the match after the successful win against Bristol Rugby. This game definitely helped to turn around the fortunes of the team.

The Chiefs have been able to get victories and bonus points in the performance that they showcased. Woodburn made a double that was added by Sam Hill as well as by Thomas Waldrom. The Chiefs ended up with a victory score of 41 over 17 against their rival team. The game was played at Ashton Gate. Even though Baxter felt that the team could have performed better, the game has definitely seen Exeter improve in their team performance.

Baxter felt that the Bristol side being allowed to score when they put in three tries was due to lackluster performance from Exeter side. Bristol being allowed to score so many points was definitely difficult for Baxter to digest. That also made the boys feels a little shaky. That is when he had to get their heads up and confidence back.

Even though the defense was lacking in the initial rounds, Baxter feels that the team made up when they came back in the latter half of the game. He felt that Olly performed very well as well as several others who played in an integrated manner. This campaign has definitely helped to get the confidence back in the players of Exeter and Baxter hopes that it will show in the upcoming game that they have this weekend. Fans have definitely enjoyed the game they played against Bristol and they are looking forward to the game that Exeter will play this weekend.