1. Rhys J

    Great to see you coming up into the Northern Hemisphere! Great start with
    Sale (who are getting relegated in real life!). It’s pronounced Kway-Tow
    (Cueto) for future reference 🙂

  2. Benjamin Grayson

    can you be leicester tigers on the aviva premiership on rc2

  3. Cornf1ake

    It’s great to head north! Ah poor Sale, hope they find these videos and
    find it a boost to their season! That is, if we can keep up the good start!
    Thanks for the tip on Cueto, I was close! 😀 They have a good side,
    forwards are fast for forwards. Cobilas, Ostrikov and Gray, wow. 6, 7, and
    8 are very good players and its a decent backline with a classy 10! Cueto
    is world class and Shepard is key at the back, without him, well stay tuned
    on that one! Its got its own story! Thanks for watching!

  4. Mr26cookiemonster

    Exeter Chiefs are beast!!

  5. no1HUTCH

    Where are you from?

  6. Cornf1ake

    New Zealand!

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