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Chris Robshaw, the captain of the England Rugby Team has admitted that he has become more cautious when he out in the public due to the heavy attention that he tends to receives from the paparazzi.

Earlier in April, the 28 year old Harlequins FC skipper was snapped by the paparazzi spending time with his girlfriend Camilla Kerslake in Barbados after he was given time off from the club. And he has admitted that it is disturbing at times that he does not have a private life anymore where anything and everything he does ends up in the front pages of newspapers.

And since then, the Harlequins FC man has decided to seek some advice from former England test cricketer and captain Andrew Strauss as well as another former England Rugby Team skipper Lawrence Dallagio about how to deal with being in the media spotlight all the time.

According to Robshaw, always being in the media glares and chased around by the paparazzi is not something that they welcomed or ever wanted. He added that he has to be careful when he is doing something and that is not very natural for a human being.

He added that it is a new situation and he has sat down with the likes of Andrew Strauss and Lawrence Dallagio, people who have been through these things before when they were playing for England at the highest level.

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